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Award nomination category B20 Sustainability 4.0 Awards

Improving Access
to Clean Water

SDG 6 Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation.

Clean Water
& Sanitation Awards (SDG6)

Apresiasi kepada korporasi dan UKM yang berkontribusi dalam menjamin ketersediaan dan pengelolaan air bersih dan sanitasi.

Peserta yang Memenuhi Syarat: Perusahaan/UKM dengan inisiatif yang meningkatkan akses ke air bersih. Inisiatif potensial termasuk (tidak lengkap)

  • Reduce pollution, eliminate dumping, and minimize release of hazardous chemicals and materials
  • Strengthen participation of communities in improving water & sanitation management.

Number of awards: 2 Winner (Corporate & SME)


Reduction or
reuse of Plastic

SDG 12 Sustainable consumption and production throughout recycling and/or reuse.

Responsible Consumption
& Production - Plastic Awards (SDG12)

Awards that Support companies and SMEs that have initiatives related to sustainable consumption and production of plastics in reducing the generated waste generation.

Peserta yang Memenuhi Syarat: Corporations/ SMEs with initiatives related to sustainable consumption and production of plastics. Potential initiatives include (not exhaustive):

  • Reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse
  • Sustainable procurement practices

Number of awards: 2 Winner (Corporate & SME)


Women in
sustainability initiatives

SDG 5 Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls in Sustainability.

Empowered Women
in Sustainability Awards (SDG5)

Appreciate the contribution of professional woman (works in corporation) that led sustainability related initiative(s) at or outside of work in providing sustainability impact for Indonesia.

Peserta yang Memenuhi Syarat: Professional woman (works in a corporation) that has led sustainability related initiative(s) at or outside of work. These women could be tackling various SDGs

Number of awards: 1 Winner


Conditions of

indonesia sustainability

Private Companies based in Indonesia.

indonesia sustainability

The applicant’s project proposal can be any starting or existing one with tangible impact already measured. They must represent an original innovation, product, technology or service for the private or public sector.

indonesia sustainability

Only one submission per contestant will be allowed per award category.

Application Process

nomor 1

Register your interest on the B20 Sustainability 4.0 Website

Provide your company and personal details on the Submission page on the website. Make sure that you can receive emails from the email address you register with.

nomor 2

Complete submission form sent to you via email

You will receive an email with the application form according to the awards category you selected.

nomor 3

You will be contacted by the Evaluation Committee to verify your application

The Evaluation Committee, led by a team from Trisakti University, will contact you via email to verify the details you have submitted.

nomor 4

Finalists will be selected and announced

Once we have reviewed your application, you will receive an update via email regarding a decision about your application. If your made it through the first round of evaluation, you will be selected as one of 15 finalists to the B20 Sustainability 4.0 Awards. We will contact you further via email for next steps.

nomor 5

Interview round by a panel of juries

In the next stage of your application, you will be interviewed by a panel of expert juries. You will be required to present your project to the jury, who will have an opportunity to ask you follow up questions about your project. The juries will select a winner and a runner-up during this stage of the awards process. The Awards Team will contact you via email with further instructions on next steps.

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Awards ceremony night

All finalists will be invited to the awards ceremony where the winners and runners-up will be announced. More details and information regarding the awards ceremony will be announced closer to the event date.

Join us at 5th Wellexpo Workweek July 5-9 2018.