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B20 Indonesia Sustainability 4.0 Awards

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>I Made Janur Yasa

About The Speaker

I Made Janur Yasa

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I Made Janur Yasa

As a world-traveler native to Bali, Made Janur Yasa embodies Eastern philosophy blended with Western sensibility.

Certified in Somatic Coaching and leadership training, his long-studied practice of Aikido has remained the physical metaphor underpinning his studies and his teaching.

He has found that the tenets of his Balinese Cultural heritage have likewise reinforced his interest in and comprehension of Somatic, as both share a similar wisdom that views body and mind as inseparable rather than dualistic.

Moksa, plant-based restaurant and permaculture garden, his co-creation with executive chef Made Runatha, has likewise enabled Janur to pursue his passion for environment sustainability and community.

Ignited by the immediate economic crash due to Covid19 and the environmental crisis already plaguing his native island, he has of late embarked on an initiative of empowerment and prosperity for the the Balinese called Plastic Exchange, through a barter program that provides sustenance in exchanges for collecting plastic and non-organic waste.