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B20 Indonesia Sustainability 4.0 Awards

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>Josephine Satyono

About The Speaker

Josephine Satyono

Josephine Satyono

About Team Member

Josephine Satyono

Josephine Satyono

Josephine Satyono is the Executive Director of Indonesia Global Compact Network (IGCN), a local network of United Nations Global Compact in Indonesia. She has more than 30 years of professional experience in multi-national and national corporations and international organizations. She is a former Global Mobility Tax Process Leader for Asia Pacific of General Electric (GE), who also once led GE Volunteers as Director for South Asia.

Josephine led collaborative project initiatives with local and international profit and non-for-profit organizations, government institutions, volunteering and community service agencies. During her career with GE, she was awarded the “Jack Welch Elfun of the Year”, and the “PhilippeAward”, a global award for excellence in volunteer and community activities.